Thursday, September 8, 2011


The Weepies have a new video! The video is for "Be my Honeypie" off of their newest album Be My Thrill. I really love this song. I had the chance to hear it live at The Troubadour and it was truly amazing. Steve Tannen wrote this song for Deb Talan, and knowing that, the lyrics of this song mean even more to me when I hear them. I wish the two of them were in this video but unfortunately they're never present in their videos. Ever. Still, this video is wonderful and I'm grateful for any videos from the Weepies, since they have so few. It's just sort of silly and puts a smile to my face, so I hope you'll like it.

I have been listening to the solo records that Deb Talan and Steve Tannen created before becoming The Weepies. Deb Talan had three albums and Steve Tannen had two. All five are really wonderful and carry their signature sound. Since these albums are a little harder to find, but are still absolutely worth listening to, I will post one from each of them. Steve Tannen and Deb Talan are able to write lyrics that feel so at home to me. I feel like they have written these lyrics just for me, like they have read my inner thoughts and wrote a song about it. I only feel that way about their music so here are two albums of theirs that mean a lot to me.

"I hold your heart like the sky holds the moon"

"Well she, she gave me the big 'See ya Later' but I, I don't think I will"

"No longer young and not that pretty, How will he ever find me?"

PS. If you can't open the RAR file for Deb's album, use the link given in my Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. post
"The city lights are dancing for you"

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