Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Putting on my Face

In my attempts to take a little bit better care of my body and the Earth, I have been trying to switch out my cosmetics for ones that are better for the environment. I have been using up my old cosmetics, and as they run out, I have been switching them for products that are chemical-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. So far, I have been really successful. I have found two new brands that I really like and plan to switch to permanently.

After looking up a few brands on EWG, I decided to start using ZuZu Luxe® mascara and liquid eyeliner. I had been using L'Oreal® mascara for a long time, and although it is cheaper than the Zuzu® brand, it doesn't have all the same benefits. The Zuzu® mascara doesn't smudge, it fairly water resistant, and looks just about the same as my old brand, so I'd say its been a good switch. I haven't been using liquid eyeliner very long, since I'm make-up challenged most days, so I was only using the E.L.F.® brand before. I had opted for that one in the past since it was only a buck, but when it runs out, I plan to switch to the Zuzu® brand since I had such success with the mascara.

The second brand that I have fallen in love with is Honeybee Gardens®. This brand is really fantastic. The ingredients in their products are organic and chemical-free. The prices are reasonable and they were able to make me a believer in eyeliner pencil again! I had been using an eyeliner by Almay® that I was really, really sad to part with since it wasn't pencil and was easy to use, but the Honeybee Gardens® eyeliner is wonderful too. I am also curious to try the Honeybee mascara once my Zuzu® mascara runs out, since the Honeybee is a little cheaper.. well, actually a lot cheaper. I will keep you posted on that when it happens.
Until then, I would recommend both of these brands highly! I hope you will make the switch to cosmetic products that are better for your body as well as the environment. If you have any other brands you would like to suggest, please let me know!

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