Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Film Review: Blue Valentine

This morning, I finally got a chance to see Blue Valentine. It had been recommended to me by a friend who had seen it in theatres but by the time I heard about, it was in it's last week in the theatre in my town. I ran out of time to go see it and figured I would just have to rent it. I had been warned by said friend that the movie was a little sad but after watching the trailer, I had determined that:
1. It didn't look that sad, and
2. I had no idea what this movie was about, other than love (duh).

I promise that in this review I will not spoil the movie if you choose to watch it, but I have to say that I really don't give it my recommendation. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone, at all. I can't think of a single person who I think should see this movie. The movie was just really, really sad. I love sad movies, I really do, but only when they're sad-moving or sad with a message about life that gives you a sort of wake up call to live better. This movie just left me really confused and depressed about life. It made me feel that the message I was supposed to get was that sometimes, you can be in a relationship with someone and even if you give it everything you have, that doesn't mean that it will be a healthy relationship and that doesn't mean that you will be happy. I already knew this, but this movie just shoves the concept that "LOVE IS A BITCH" right into your face for about a hour and thirty minutes of the hour and fifty minute long movie. After the finishing the movie, I mostly just felt like my spirits were deflated and that I have very little to look forward to as I get older. A lovely way to start the day today.

Regardless of the fact that this movie did not play out the way I would have liked, the movie did make me respect Ryan Gosling as an actor, even more than I already did. Ryan Gosling is a fabulous actor. The characters he plays, generally, are the kind of men that I am looking to marry. He continually plays characters, like Dean in Blue Valentine, who are romantic, completely giving of themselves, funny, and not afraid to lay it all on the line for the women that they love. Like Blue Valentine, in Lars and the Real Girl and The Notebook, Ryan Gosling's character cries. I don't know about you but I don't watch a lot of movies where the male lead is crying, and crying over a woman that he loves. I really respect his ability to evoke emotions in front of a camera that are so real and so touching every time. Ryan Gosling is not only delicious but he's a damn good actor. Every time. He has my respect and he has me as a loyal audience because I will watch any movie that he makes. Even if the storyline isn't always what I want it to be, I know that his acting, and good looks, will be captivating. I like to imagine that he likes to play the kind of characters that he most relates to, and that therefore he is as wonderful as many of the characters he plays. The only downside is that you never meet men in real life that are as perfect as characters that Gosling chooses to play...

My recommendation is listen to the main song from the movie, "You and Me" by Penny & the Quarters, but skip the rest of Blue Valentine because it will, truly, only depress you. I would watch Lars and the Real Girl instead, if you are feeling like watching a heart-warming Gosling fim. Lars will leave you feeling anxious and optimistic for what's ahead, which is a little more inspiring than the story that is presented in Blue Valentine, but that's just my humble opinion.

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