Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It Ain't Easy Bein' Cheesy Part 2

If you read my earlier "cheesy" post, then you know about all the deodorant changes I've been making. I was using Tom's of Maine® Apricot deodorant because I want to use an aluminum free, organic deodorant but I had to stop using it almost immediately because it was so horrible. It claimed it lasted 24-hours but didn't last even four hours, not to mention that it made me smell like cheese and it burned!! That's right, it burned. Whenever I put it on after getting out of the shower, if I had shaved, then it really, really hurt when I applied the deodorant. I had wanted to use the entire deodorant instead of just throwing it away and creating waste, but it was just too awful. I decided that I couldn't allow myself to stink and be inflicted with pain every morning. It had to go.

Next, I turned to Alba® deodorant and that was equally bad. It essentially had the same problems. I bought a travel size, so that I didn't spend more a on large size of something that I might not like, but that also had some down-sides. The travel size doesn't come in unscented so I was forced to buy the Lavender scent. I thought that getting the Lavender would at least give me an idea of how long the product lasted, and maybe it wouldn't smell so bad. I was wrong. It smelled awful. Really, really awful, and likewise, it didn't last very long. So, once again, I was in search of a good deodorant.

Now, I am using Jason® deodorant. I really like it. Jason® doesn't make travel size so I ended up getting a regular size of the Unscented. So far it has been working really well. It doesn't make me smell gross, it lasts all day, and it doesn't burn at all, ever. Most importantly though, it is organic, made in the U.S.A., and it's aluminum free! I think the quest for a perfect deodorant may be over. I'm finally cheese-free and happy. I highly recommend switching to Jason® deodorant!

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