Friday, June 17, 2011

Not Barfing is Always Good


I buckled down the other day and bought some rice shreds, imitation cheese, so that I can get a true taste of what part of my life will be like if I become a vegan. I honestly can't fully fathom what it's going to be like to not eat cheese. I eat cheese daily and I can say without any hesitation that I find it comforting and delicious every time. It is going to hurt to have to give up cheese, so I was really looking for a potential subsitute that would make feel equally comforted. While at the Co-op in Santa Monica, I decided on Galaxy® Cheddar Rice Shreds. I made a grilled cheese on honey wheat bread when I got home and I have to say, I was really skeptical. It seemed like this cheese must be pretty processed to look and taste like cheddar cheese but I had my doubts that it really would taste and melt like normal cheese. Regardless, I took the first bite and, to my surprise, no barfing ensued. To my even greater surprise, the grilled cheese tasted great!! It was creamy, real cheese-tasting, and it did not have any grossly-funky qualities! I would classify it as a success. It makes me hopeful and a little more positive about my potential vegan fututre. I look forward to whipping up some more rice shred meals! Next time, I will document my eatings with pictures. This time the grilled cheese just went down too easily and I didn't make it in time to take any photos. I definitely think that these rice shreds are worth trying, so if you haven't yet, go pick yourself up a bag! Then, let me know if you have any tasty, rice shred adventures.

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