Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Two

Day two of my Vegetarian lifestyle went fabulously. I successfully avoided all meats and I did not once feel like I was missing out on anything worthwhile. It's hard to miss meat when you understand all the chemicals that go into producing it. Not to mention all the water that it takes just to produce one pound of meat. I continually feel good about my choice. I also think that I am starting to have an affect on my mom. I would love to turn her into a vegetarian while I'm at it! I hope you all are having a lovely week and that you are feeling continually motivated to live as green as you can, while still enjoying your lives to the fullest!

Although I will not be partaking in any Oscar Meyers®, it was still fun to see the Wiener-Mobile as I was leaving my bank yesterday! Oh, the simple pleasures of spotting the Wiener-Mobile...

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