Monday, May 23, 2011

My cup runneth over

Today I was extremely fortunate to be able to participate in the Venice Art Walk & Auctions, which is put on by Venice Family Clinics, in Venice. Aside from helping people park their gas-guzzlers and fold lawn chairs, I was able to see some truly beautiful artwork. So many pieces, all ranging from $100-$3000+, got sold today. There were a lot of pieces that I could clearly look at and understand why someone would want to own them... others not so much. Regardless, it was amazing to see people willing to shell out the big bucks to support local artists, doing what they love. That has to make you stop and be inspired. I was definitely inspired by a lot of what I saw today and I was even inspired by what I didn't like because it forced me to realize that people can find beauty in things that I can't. That thought alone gives me a small shred of hope for the world. I know that small shred will continue to grow the more I stop and appreciate the good around me. I am so grateful for today and everything it has done to enrich my life, even if it is only in a small way.

but we have so much in common by Mara Lonner
(Ain't it the truth? Good title. One of my favorite pieces today)

AND because I am feeling EXTRA generous and want to share some more of the beauty that I have in my life, Here is the new album by Eisley, The Valley. My gift to you. You should definitely help them out and buy the extra three DELUXE tracks off of iTunes. Help 'em out like I did ;) You will not regret it! "Watch It Die" and "Smarter (Acoustic)" are my favorite tracks on this album so definitely give them a listen! Good night and pleasant dreams.

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